Koenigseggs May Not Be Rear Wheel Drive In The Future

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All-wheel drive hybrids are on the way.

When Koenigsegg CEO and founder Christian von Koenigsegg appeared on the scene with his insane supercars, Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren felt a dagger in its sides. The hypercar brand has gone on to create some of the most powerful vehicles in the world, which have always been rear-wheel drive. But the rear-wheel drive dominance may come to an end in the near future. Von Koenigsegg recently held a forum with fans where he hinted at the possibility of a hybrid based all-wheel-drive system in the future.

In the open forum, a fan asked the CEO why the company didn't utilize all-wheel drive. Von Koenigsegg responded that the extra space required in the center of the car to house a propshaft that drives the front wheels would throw off the weight distribution and aerodynamics of the vehicle. While von Koenigsegg knows his supercars are hard to beat on a dry surface, even he admits that his supercars would be outmatched by an intuitive four-wheel-drive vehicle in the wet. But the CEO of the company has a solution: a "through-the-road" hybrid-based all-wheel-drive system similar to that of the Porsche 918 Spyder.

However, due to the tight quarters of Koenigsegg's supercars, the vehicles would have to utilize in-wheel electric motors, which are still too big. "I don't think we're there just yet but I know it will happen," stated von Koenigsegg. "When the right hub motors do become available then we can look at electric four-wheel drive." A hybrid based all-wheel-drive system would make Koenigseggs quicker off the line and easier to use, but that's what we love about its supercars. Anyone can buy and drive a Ferrari quickly, but it takes a true gearhead to get into a Koenigsegg. So is the automaker making a mistake by switching over to all-wheel-drive?

Source Credits: koenigsegg.com

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