Korres Project 4 Soon To Have A Production Version

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A Greek off-road supercar? It's coming soon.

The Greek architect and inventor Dimitris Korres is close to completing a car which will bear his name, the Korres Project 4. He is describing it as the world's first off-road supercar, as he is apparently unaware of the Lancia Stratos, the Audi Sport Quattro, the Porsche 959 and quite a few others. Nonetheless, Korres has designed a unique suspension system for the car which will supposedly give it a big off-road advantage over those older cars.

A pre-production version was recently shown, and Korres says the first 50 production units will be shipped to North America and the Middle East next year. The car, as we've seen it so far, has no body panels, a stripped-out interior and what are very possibly non-production wheels. But Korres was really showing off the suspension, which is quite visible. The car will reportedly weigh about 3,500lbs and power will come from a 505hp LS7 V8. It has a 33:67 front/rear torque slip for the all-wheel-drive system, although a RWD version will also be available. It can supposedly do 0-60 in 3.8, but we're curious to see it off-roading when it makes it here next year.

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