KTM Just Snuck Out A Facelift For The X-Bow R

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The restyle was so subtle, it took us nearly a month to notice!

Though KTM's been pretty quiet as of late on the X-Bow front, don't assume that things aren't going well for the Austrian motorcycle company's automotive division. On the contrary, the KTM X-Bow is doing remarkably well for a higher-end niche-appeal car that went on sale right on the cusp of the 2008 global financial crisis. In fact, according to KTM, it's been able to produce an average of 125 examples per year, with the 1,000th X-Bow rolling off the production line earlier this year in June. To celebrate, KTM unveiled a facelift to the X-Bow R.

As should be expected from a low-volume car that doesn't have much bodywork on it to begin with, the cosmetic changes to the KTM X-Bow R aren't groundbreaking. Those differences, though, do give the X-Bow a bit more of a chunkier, distinctively aggressive look. There are new daytime running lights, the front splitter's been subtly revised and the engine cover now has what KTM calls "grill-like ventilation slits." We're having to quote the company's press release as we can't actually source any official images of the facelifted KTM X-Bow that don't solely depict the roofless vehicle's front end. For what it's worth, we're told the ventilation setup would not look too different to what can be seen on the X-Bow GT.

KTM also used the facelift announcement to confirm that the company will be bringing its inaugural road car to the United States. All the details are pretty much identical to the ones we cited earlier this year. It's scheduled to arrive in Spring 2017, a new North American subsidiary will be set up, only the entry-level X-Bow R will be brought to the US, and so on. But it's still reassuring to hear such news be officially stated by the KTM information gatekeepers. Hopefully the debut of the KTM X-Bow in North America won't slip through our proverbial news-gathering net as easily as the X-Bow facelift announcement!

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