2013 Geneva Motor Show

KTM X-Bow Getting a Windshield and Doors

It could also be heading stateside.

The hardcore KTM X-Bow is lightning fast, which is all well and good. But in the rain it's about as useful as a chocolate fireman. Furthermore, it's not available in the US. So why do we even care about this weird, Austrian-built speedster? Well, first up KTM is apparently working on fixing the whole no windshield problem. According to Car and Driver a new version of the X-Bow is under production and will come with a proper windshield as well as a 'coming home device.'

While not exactly a roof, it will act as such, fitting to the new windshield in order to provide passengers a modicum of protection from the elements. It will only be useable at speeds less than 80mph, so heading home in the rain will have to be done at pedestrian pace. The latest X-Bow will also be getting doors, and could be sold in the US market. KTM plan to debut the new car at the Geneva Motor Show in March, so the automaker has until then to decide whether or not to send the X-Bow stateside.

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