KW Suspensions Develops New V5 Coilover Kit For Ex-F1 Driver's Porsche Carrera GT

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One of Porsche's most spectacular creations to date has just got even better.

KW Suspensions, arguably the world leader in its field, has launched an adjustable coilover kit for the extraordinary Porsche Carrera GT. The Carrera GT was manufactured in the mid-2000s, but there isn't a huge market for aftermarket parts since just 1,270 were produced, and each owner usually loves the car as delivered. However, even among owners of classic supercars, there are those who want just a touch more excellence.

Former F1 driver Nick Heidfeld is among those besotted with the V10-powered supercar, noting that it feels very much like a true racecar - something that those who have crashed the car can certainly attest to. He also considers himself a purist but realizes that "what is available today is much better." Thus, he asked around and finally arrived at the door of KW Suspensions, embarking on a joint project to create something that complements the car's existing characteristics.

KW Suspensions

As with other such systems from KW, the setup for the CGT is that it offers multiple levels of adjustment. The dampers are both rebound and compression adjustable, with external reservoirs and a solid piston making use of the displacer principle. This is contrary to many other coilover kits that use a mono- or twin-tube damper, but it's certainly better - solid piston displacer dampers are used in GT3 and GT4 motorsports. This means smaller piston rods, improving compression and rebound damping, allowing better control of higher hydraulic forces and the separation of the valves from the working piston. It also means lower spring rates are possible because the hydraulic element does most of the work.

And thanks to three pre-adjusted damper settings, switching from near-stock to extra comfortable to racing hardness takes just a couple of minutes. But there's another benefit to this particular kit.

KW Suspensions

The Carrera GT was not manufactured with a lift system of any sort, making it very difficult to enjoy the car regularly unless the roads you traverse are perfect and without any speed bumps. KW had already come up with a solution to this around a decade ago, producing a 20-millimeter hydraulic lift. But with these V5 coilovers, the system can raise the car 45 mm on each axle. With the button for this neatly hidden in the unused ashtray, the lift system is almost impossible to detect. Even the hydraulic pump and tank for this system only take up as much space as a car battery, making this a far less bulky setup than an air suspension system (which would also have completely changed the driving dynamics).

KW Suspensions
KW Suspensions

The former racing driver got a special touch on his pioneering set of V5 coilovers, with the springs on each side coated to match the center locks on the wheels and printed with "Quick Nick." Once installed, he noted that the car feels more comfortable and compliant yet can handle more lateral acceleration. Braking performance and grip are improved, too, without masking the original feel of the carbon monocoque chassis. In a car that rally legend Walter Rohrl helped develop, this is what you want to hear. Naturally, this comes at a hefty cost: €19,333.93, or roughly $20,700 excluding shipping.

We love seeing tasteful and effective modifications like these, but this one, in particular, does make us wish for a new Porsche hypercar. The 911 GT3 RS is awesome, but a true replacement for the CGT and 918 Spyder is sorely missing.

KW Suspensions

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