L.A. Auto Show Design Challenge Envisions Future Hollywood Cars

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Automakers have gone wild in designing movie cars of the future.

This year's L.A. Design Challenge pitted studios from Germany, Japan and the U.S. against each other to design "Hollywood's Hottest New Movie Car" and the entries have now been announced. In designing the car, entries had to ensure the vehicle reflected the brand attributes relative to the movie plot, as well as the uniqueness of the story, car and character; and on 17 November, a day before the LA Auto Show, one of Honda, Mercedes, Smart, Hyundai, Maybach, and Subaru will be crowned the winner.

Honda's entry combines a futuristic action-adventure, set hundreds of years into the future where a catastrophic event has wiped out society, with the Honda IH (Intelligent Horse): serving as both companion and protector in what has become an inhospitable and lonely environment. Mercedes-Benz have designed the Mercedes Silver Arrow for their action-packed thriller, which is reminiscent of the Mercedes W125 series of the late thirties and Uhlenhart SLR from the fifties, and driven by enlightened crash test mannequins living in a futuristic society of increased artificial intelligence.

In the Smart 341Parkour, a reporter by the name of Annie Angle flies, hovers, and climbs up skyscrapers to create a journalistic masterpiece in a city of the future that is lacking parking spaces. Based on the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class is the Maybach Berline, a prototype with a virtual chauffeur, large divided gullwing doors and retractable stairs that features in a modern day Cinderalla story that combines technology with romance. From Hyundai comes the Hyundai Stratus Sprinter multi-purpose vehicle and the DB Atlant Airship that are rendered invisible during daylight to help the daughter of vampire parents fight communism.

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Finally, we have the Ultra Subaru HORIZON featuring in Divided that follows four brave souls take on treacherous conditions to find a rare mineral essential for man's survival.

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