L.A. Hijacker Runs Out Of Talent And Totals Mercedes CLS...And Walks Away

Car Chases

To be fair, that walk was in handcuffs, under arrest.

Some people are ridiculous, like this hijacker in L.A. that led the LAPD on a chase that lasted over an hour long. Firstly, you don't take other people's shit, that's just not cool in any way, shape or form. But on the off chance that you are actually a bad guy and it's your daily job, have a little pride in your work man! Plan your crime properly, that includes an escape route. If stealing cars is a speciality you would like to get into, then it's probably a really good idea to get in some track time to improve your skills.

Check the video, a CLS isn't exactly a nimble car, but the bad guy does ok at first, dodging many situations that could have been rather horrible.

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But then... After all of that, after getting half the police force after him and after dodging cars at intersections, the hijacker crashes the Mercedes into those drums full of sand or water. ON A STRAIGHT ROAD. Our guess is that he wasn't ready for such a long drive and possibly fell asleep at the wheel. Luckily no one was injured in the chase, someone's life could have been irreparably damaged. The only downside is that the hijacker was also uninjured. These kind of chases are mind-boggling though, do bad guys not watch TV? Do they not know that when there's a trail of police behind you with a chopper overhead that there is only one possible outcome? Let's hope the book is thrown at this guy though.