L4P SoCal Cruise from Topanga Mall to McKenna

Luxury4Play and McKenna BMW team up for a cruise in California.

This past Saturday, Luxury4Play ran a cruise throughout some of the best roads in Southern California. The cruise, which ran from the Topanga Mall in Woodland Hills to McKenna BMW in Los Angeles, featured some excellent cars from a wide range of years. In addition to a fleet of Porsches, of which included a Carrera 4 GTS and a Carrera GT, there was a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Ferrari 458 Italia and plenty of BMWs.

Enjoy the photo gallery shot by David Coyne Photography and to see the many models in action, check out the clip below uploaded by YouTube user HBSSTC and shot from a GoPro cam from the roof of a very boisterous Corvette Z06.

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