2010 LA Auto Show

LA 2010: Subaru Shows What We Hope To Be The Next Impreza

Subaru brought their Impreza Design Concept to the LA Auto Show, and if this is the direction they're taking the Impreza, it's just fine with us. While this concept manages to retain enough of the current generation to still be recognizable as an Impreza, it is also much imporved. The new front end in particular has a look sure to scare some Lancers. This might be a concept, but it has a working engine and transmission.

Specifically a 2.0 naturally-aspirated boxer engine bolted to a CVT. This concept is said to hold styling cues which will make their way to Subaru's entire lineup in the near future, but obviously the Impreza will be getting the most. We're sure this isn't exactly what the production model will look like, that one will almost certainly have door handles, and cameras in place of the mirrors aren't terribly cost-effective either.

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