West Coast Customs

LA 2011: Life-Size Mario Karts Make their Way to LA

West Coast Customs has teamed up with Nintendo to bring the classic Mario Karts to life.

The greatest unveiling in the history of the Los Angeles Auto Show has just taken place, courtesy of the crew at West Coast Customs. Hyperbole notwithstanding, Nintendo is gearing up for the launch of the 7th installment of the classic Mario Kart series and they are building hype in California with two of the racers from the aforementioned game. The first Mario Kart on display is Mario's own racer, complete with signature red paint and an "M" for Mario.

Luigi's Bumble V racer also made its way to the event, and both are complete with a (shockingly not functional) underwater propeller and hang-gliding system. A playable Mario Kart 7 game is also available at Nintendo's stand, so the public can have a chance to try their hand at the new game. Both models are currently on display at the 2011 LA Auto Show.

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