Lada Xray Concept Debuts in Moscow

Three-door crossover spells a new design era for the Russian marque.

At this week's Moscow Motor Show, Russian auto giant AvtoVAZ took the opportunity to reveal their Xray concept crossover, whose design language spells a new era for Lada. Penned in Turin, Italy, the styling is the handywork of former Mercedes-Benz and Volvo designer Steve Mattin, who, as the parent company's new chief designer, is now responsible for penning future designs for Lada and sister company Volga. Both were in dire need of a style injection, and Mattin appears to be up to the task.

At the front of the compact three-door crossover, a false radiator grille made of glossy black plastic with lights mounted at an angle form the shape of an 'X', which the company says will become the face of all future models. Often success lies in the small details, such as the defined wheel arches and touches of chrome, while the brown-tone interior finished in high quality leather hints at what the reenergized brand is capable of achieving. Of course this is still a concept car, and translating all that style into production - say, on the new Priora due in 2015 - will determine if Lada is ready to step out of the Cold War era and into the big leagues.

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