LaFerrari Dons Camouflage And Goes Drifting

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950hp and a slippery surface makes for a lot of sideways action

What would you do if you had a LaFerrari hypercar, an empty construction yard and a couple of hours to spare? No, we wouldn't go and do donuts there either, but one guy thought it would be a great idea and filmed it too.

The arty video below shows just how easy it is to break the rear end loose in a 950-hp rear-wheel-drive car on a slippery surface. It may be called a drift video but the sandy surface means that the LaFerrari spends most of its time doing donuts rather than actually drifting.

Still, reigning in almost 1000 hp without smashing into concrete poles, buildings and a red tractor is impressive enough and the car looks rather cool in its camouflage wrap instead of the more common Ferrari red that most LaFerrari's are finished in.

With a top speed of 217mph and a 0-60 mph time of 2.6 seconds, it still ranks as one of the fastest hypercars around and while it was not going to be showing off its sprinting and top speed abilities at a sand covered construction site, the massive 663 lb-ft of torque sure came in handy.

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The 6.3-liter V12 hybrid hypercar cost approximately $1,500,000 when new and only 500 examples of the coupe were built; values for pristine examples today often top $4 million. Owners who keep their priceless cars in climate-controlled garages may shake their heads in disbelief but at least this car is actually being used. It may need a bit of a clean first before it's entered in any concours events though.

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