LaFerrari FXX and Spider Due in 2015

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Think the LaFerrari was fast and insanely expensive? Just wait.

If you missed out on your chance to buy a LaFerrari for any number of reasons, well, you're in luck. We've previously reported that Ferrari is in the process of developing a track-only, LaFerrari-based FXX as well as a road going Spider variant. What we didn't know was when each car was due to arrive. According to a new report coming from the UK's Car Magazine, it appears that Ferrari is planning to launch both next year. If all goes to production plan, both will go on sale in 2015.

The Spider convertible, according to Car, will be extremely rare with only around 50 units planned. Insiders claim it'll be even more expensive than the LaFerrari coupe, potentially costing nearly twice as much. Meanwhile, only 30 LaFerrari FXX examples will happen, each one reserved for not only extremely wealthy buyers, but also for loyal and longtime Ferrari customers – just like the Enzo-based FXX. So how powerful is this track toy going to be? Expect around 1,050 horsepower and even faster performance times than the so-called "standard" LaFerrari.

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