Drag Race

LaFerrari Vs. Bugatti Veyron: The Drag Race You've Been Waiting For

And now it's here.

There’s a combined 1,951 horsepower between them, and a total value in excess of $3,670,000. The Bugatti Veyron and LaFerrari are two extreme hypercars that were designed for speed. OK, so maybe you’d prefer to be behind the wheel of the LaFerrari if you were on a twisty race track, but the Veyron, at least the one in the following video, hit a top speed of 224 mph. The LaFerrari maxed out at 206 mph. But which is faster in a straight line shoot out?

You can probably guess, but a few facts need to be pointed out first: runway conditions were slightly damp and the Veyron has AWD, opposed to the LaFerrari having RWD. Our good friend Shmee150 was on hand at a local Vmax Stealth race where both of these instant icons went head to head.

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