Laffite Automobili Will Reveal Five Daring Hypercars At Miami Grand Prix

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The Italian brand is gunning for Rimac with an entire range of battery-powered performance cars.

Laffite Automobili, a new electric hypercar brand aimed at the establishment, will launch a series of new models at the Miami Grand Prix this weekend. Three new cars, the LM1, Atrax, and Barchetta, will be officially unveiled and showcase the Italian brand's intention to revolutionize the niche electric hypercar segment.

These boutique models are the brainchild of Pascal Cohen and Bruno Laffite, the cofounders of this little-known automaker. Laffite claims its new range of electric performers will feel like race cars for the road and will stun owners with their incredible capabilities.

They may be 100% electric, but Laffite claims these vehicles are also "100% audible." What does that mean? Well, these vehicles will be equipped with a unique sound system that works with the electric motor to provide a soundtrack akin to the finest race engines known to man. We look forward to weighing that claim.

Laffite Automobili
Laffite Automobili

Rarity is guaranteed, with Laffite claiming that each model will be limited between 24 and 26 examples. This is a common practice among boutique brands, as they can keep their vehicles exclusive and create the illusion of prestige. Rimac, for example, only has plans to produce 150 units of the Nevera.

The vehicles are certainly striking and boast styling from GFG Style, a design house founded by father and son duo Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro. LM Gianetti assisted with the development and research of the Laffite lineup and will also take care of production.

Speaking of production, the company claims deliveries will commence in the winter of 2024, with the first pre-ordered models being shipped off to customers then. Laffite says two of its models, the LM1 and Atrax, are "positioned in two completely innovative segments," which means we can expect something daring and bold.

Laffite Automobili

"Our primary goal was to create a brand that brings together the large family of motorsports," said cofounder and CEO Pascal Cohen. "It's something unique, historic. That's why I immediately had at heart not to produce one, but three cars and to immediately create this exceptional range of products. We are currently the only ones to offer these three types of cars, two of which are positioned in two completely innovative segments [...] We wanted to meet the very different expectations of our collectors. And the best is yet to come."

Pictured below is a desert-storming hypercar that will rival the latest brace of off-roader sports cars, the Huracan Sterrato and 911 Dakar. But with an electric drivetrain, it will be in a class of its own and certainly appeal to wealthy enthusiasts. The same can be said of the Le Mans-inspired vehicle seen above, which would look more at home charging down the Mulsanne straight.

Laffite will also preview two variations of the aforementioned models, including an Atrax Stradale and the Barchetta Coupe. The unveiling will take place on May 3 at 5:45 PM Eastern Time.
Laffite Automobili
Laffite Automobili

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