Lambo and Boeing Love Carbon Fiber

What do a Lamborghini and the latest jumbo jet have in common? Lots of carbon fiber, that's what.

As far as vehicles go, they don't come much different than the Lamborghini Aventador and the Boeing 787. Sure, they both reach high speeds with advanced aerodynamics, but the Lambo is an automobile with two seats and an internal-combustion engine, while the 787 is a jet aircraft with 200+ seats. What they share is their carbon fiber construction. While space-age materials and aircraft aluminum found their way into cars, carbon fiber went the other way, developed first for racing cars and only afterwards for aerospace.

While Boeing has partnerered with BMW to recycle carbon fiber, when it comes to developing the stuff, the aircraft manufacturer teams up with Lamborghini. (Hence the special Boeing Dreamliner edition Aventador pictured here.) So to highlight their common interest in the lightweight material, the two released this promo video.

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