Drag Race

Lambo Aventador Vs. BMW M6 Vs. Porsche GT3 RS

All modified. All exceptionally quick.

First on the drag is a Lamborghini Aventador that Capristo modified to deliver 730 hp pitted against a PP Performance-tuned BMW M6 that has 680 hp, a 120 hp jump over the stock car. While the Bimmer has lightning reactions off the start line, the Aventador shows its class by clocking the quarter mile in 10.68 seconds at 214.79 kph and the mile in 26.79 seconds at 306 kph, besting the M6 by over a second.

After a solo run, the Lambo then takes on a Porsche 911 GT3 RS massaged by 9FF to crank out 1,000 hp. For some reason the cars don’t race in tandem, but the modified GT3 RS is the quicker over the one-mile mark, taking 26.369 seconds at 318 kph.

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