Lambo CEO Isn't Interested in Hybrids


While some supercar brands are now incorporating hybrid technologies, Lamborghini prefers to keep it old school with naturally-aspirated engines.

We have to admit that for some supercar purists it can be a bit troublesome to see brands such as Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren launch halo cars (LaFerrari, 918 Spyder and P1, respectively) that incorporate the use of hybrid technologies instead of naturally-aspirated V8 and V12 engines. Granted, those electric motors are there to boost power and performance instead of working to improve emissions, but the trend has clearly been established. Lamborghini, however, will have none of it.

In a recent interview with Motor Trend, Lambo CEO Stephan Winkelmann made it quite clear that while his company does have direct access to hybrid technology through parent company VW, it’s not interested in using it to boost performance or improve the brand’s fuel efficiency numbers. Naturally-aspirated engines, according to Winkelmann, "are the best we can do, and this is what we’re going to work on." With the launch of the even more powerful Aventador SV just around the corner, speculation has been building that a switch from a single- to a dual-clutch is also a real possibility.

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Again, not so, as Winkelmann stated that "in terms of weight and speed, the (single-clutch) is the best you can do on a super sports car." Looking ahead to 2013, the Lambo boss says the Urus SUV will be a "game changer" and because of the huge investment involved with its development and production, it will more than double the size of the company. And no, it won’t have a hybrid powertrain just in case anyone was wondering.