Lambo Demonstrates Roadster's Roof

To remove the roof from its new Aventador Roadster, Lamborghini went with the simplest approach it could find.

It used to be that a convertible was a convertible. The roof might be automatic or manual, but that was just about that. But now there are all sorts of systems. Take a look at the roof mechanisms on the Renault Wind or the McLaren 12C Spider and you'll see what we mean. Lamborghini has tried all kinds. The Diablo VT Roadster had a removable roof panel that could be stowed on top of the engine. The Gallardo Spyder features a more conventional fabric top. The Murcielago Roadster had a flimsy and convoluted umbrella-like contraption.

The one-off Aventador J doesn't even have a roof. But as you can see from this rudimentary video shot at the car's unveiling in Miami yesterday, Lamborghini developed a two-piece carbon-composite roof for the new Aventador Roadster that may be the simplest approach yet. Watch the Lamborghini rep demonstrates how easy it is to put the panels in place.

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