Lambo Preparing Aventador SV?

Spy Shots

Subtle enhancements on an Aventador spied at the Nurburgring hint that Lamborghini is preparing a new SuperVeloce variant.

It takes a keen eye to pinpoint the subtle modifications Lamborghini has made to this Aventador caught testing at the Ring. And all the evidence suggests that a more potent variant of the Italian carmaker’s flagship is on the way. The tell-tale signs include center-lock wheels, incredibly low-profile, high-performance rubber and differently-positioned front brake calipers. There are also two additional aerodynamic aids, one at the front that makes for an even lower air splitter, and a Gurney flap affixed to the top edge of the rear spoiler.

As with the Miura, Diablo and Murcielago SV models, the SuperVeloce badge denotes the highest-spec version of the breed, and as such the more aerodynamically-efficient Aventador SV will likely also come with a revised chassis and more potent powerplant. This week, Lamborghini revealed an Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversary edition boasting an additional 20 horsepower over the stock 700hp supercar. With the Veneno putting down 750 horses, we’d imagine the Aventador SV will pack a 6.5-liter V12 generating output somewhere in the region of 730-740 hp.

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Eight years separated the Murcielago and its track-ready SV variant, so it’s unclear why Lamborghini is in such a hurry to introduce the Aventador SV. But sources suggest it could debut as soon as the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. Don't get us wrong, we’re not complaining - we're looking forward to seeing and hearing it in action.