Lambo Urus Surfaces in Patent Renderings

Is Lamborghini's crossover concept edging closer to production? These latest patent drawings could be a good hint.

Automakers try to keep their plans under wraps until they’re good and ready to announce them. But the automotive industry being as large as it is, it can’t be completely air-tight at all times. And so we get leaks through a variety of sources, and some of them come from patent offices. The latest leak from a copyright authority surrounds the Lamborghini Urus, pictured here in images apparently submitted to a patent office in China.

Ever since revealing the Urus concept at the Beijing Auto Show last year (following private viewings in New York at which this writer was present), Lamborghini has been lobbying its parent company Volkswagen to give it the green light for production. These images appear to depict the concept version we’ve already seen – the tiny side mirrors tell us that much – and not the production version, but their emergence could suggest that the Urus project could be edging closer to approval.

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