Lambo Veneno Starts its Engine

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If Lamborghini were to ever build a spaceship, it probably wouldn't look much different from the Veneno.

Thanks to car spotter Marchettino, we're now able to see and hear the Lamborghini Veneno in all of its V12 madness and glory. Unveiled last March at the Geneva show, the 750-horsepower supercar is limited in production to just four examples, one of which is headed directly to Lamborghini's official museum in Sant'Agata. The remaining three are going to two uber- wealthy owners in the US (New York and Florida) and one somewhere in the Middle East.

The $4 million Veneno shown here was on display this past weekend at the Misano racetrack in Italy for the Super Trofeo championship. Marchettino managed to film the supercar as it was being loaded and unloaded onto a truck. And yes, it sounds and looks incredible.

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