Lambokhana is when Lamborghini Met Gymkhana

Supercar powersliding and tire-burning, anyone?

We never get tired of seeing Ken Block showing off his awesome skills in the timeless Gymkhana series, but how would the rally champion fare taking a supercar around one of his extravagant courses? That’s something we’d love to see, especially after watching Damon Fryer from Daily Driven Exotics take a Lamborghini Gallardo around a homemade Gymkhana course. OK, so the Italian exotic isn’t nearly as nimble as the Focus ST, nor is the setup as elaborate.

That said, putting down some donuts around a rolling tire is pretty cool. Simply put, if wheel-spinning, tire-burning, smoke-churning, powersliding supercars are your thing. Then you’re gonna want to check this out:

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