Lamborghini And Ferrari Are On A Sales Collision Course


Two very different paths are leading to shared sales figures.

Lamborghini has just announced that it's on track to sell over 3,000 cars this year. That easily smashes its previous sales record, set in 2014, of 2,560 units moved. Lamborghini expects this new record to double with the launch of its Urus SUV. CEO Stephan Winkelmann said so himself, telling Autocar that the SUV will "more or less double the volumes that we have now, to between 5000 and 6000 cars." This is good news for Lamborghini as it is investing a ton of money to get the Urus onto the production line.

In addition to boosting overall sales numbers, Winkelmann also talked about how the upcoming Lamborghini SUV will ensure that the company is still able to produce its signature supercars. "We need a more stable company that is not only reliant on the super sports market, which is about 30,000 on average each year, spread across many global regions. It is very emotional and volatile as a market. We have high investments and low volumes on such vehicles, so if we want to safeguard the future of the super sports cars, we need a broader approach." Of course when one thinks Lamborghini they naturally think Ferrari as well. Both Italian automakers are known for fast and beautiful cars.

And now it appears they may have similar sales figures. Ferrari currently has a sales cap of 7,000 cars per year. In a few years Lamborghini could approach that, if the Urus SUV is a hit. However, Lamborghini would do so by ostensibly offering fewer models. We say "ostensibly" because while the automaker only offers the Huracan and Aventador for sale, each model has quite a few variations. The all-wheel drive Huracan comes as both a hardtop and convertible. Recently a rear-wheel drive hardtop coupe was announced, and we just saw spy shots of what could be a Superleggera version. That makes three different Huracans, four if the special edition comes to fruition.

The Aventador comes as both a coupe and roadster as well. Don't forget the special edition Superveloce coupe (600 units) and roadster (500 units) either! While Lamborghini doesn't offer up as many options as Ferrari (six models) its buyers still do have options. It'll be interesting to see how Ferrari responds to this news, if it does at all. The two are very different, especially with Ferrari having recently been spun off from FCA. Still, they share a common homeland and occupy more or less the same space in the market. Ferrari is a lot more bullish when it comes to new models and technology so perhaps it'll expand its lineup that way. Or maybe it'll take the Lamborghini route and just offer more variations of existing models.

Or perhaps it'll do absolutely nothing. Either way, more Lamborghinis on the road is a win for everyone. If Ferrari decides to respond then that win is doubled up.

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