Lamborghini Aventador Attacks a Tree

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If you're going to participate in a drag race, it's best to be sure there aren't any objects in your way, such as trees.

Some may prefer to buy an Audi R8 with their hard-earned cash. Known as the so-called everyday supercar, the R8 is a fine machine but it's too tame for some. When shopping for something a bit more bonkers, perhaps the best place to look is your local Lamborghini dealer. Although some say the Aventador isn't quite the wild beast its Diablo and Murcielago predecessors were, the latest V12 Lambo is still not for the amateur driver and it's certainly more difficult to handle than the R8.

One such wealthy owner is this guy from Thailand who somehow managed to lose control and crash his Aventador into a tree while taking part in a supercar drag race. No one was injured, but the Aventador took a nasty beating to its front end, specifically the left wheel and side sill, both of which will cost thousands to properly repair. Perhaps this guy should have gone for the R8 instead.

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