Lamborghini Aventador Learns: Play With Fire You’re Gonna Get Burned

Flame-throwing stunt backfires in London. Literally.

Admit it. If you owned a Lamborghini Aventador you would make it spit flames out the back too. So you can’t blame the driver of this flame-throwing Lambo for trying. However, feel free to chastise the guy for driving off while the back-end is still ablaze. Ignoring calls from bystanders to put out the fire, he carries on with the hope he’ll pick up enough speed and let the car's clever aerodynamics send some rushing air to put it out. Good luck with that in the city of London where cars move an average of 11 mph.

Check out the fire-breathing Aventador get burned while trying to impress. Update: Looks like someone doesn't want to be put in the spotlight, the owner of this video has pulled it.

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