Lamborghini Aventador LP900 by DMC

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Luxury tuning outfit DMC reveals their styling and performance kit for Lamborghini's halo car.

German luxury car tuner DMC has launched the LP900 Aventador, further cementing their position as the go-to company when it comes to taming the Bull from Sant'Agata Bolognese. Dubbed the "Molto Veloce," the new styling and performance kit is a combination of visual flare that stays true to the original lines and a significant boost in power, from 690 horsepower to a rampant 885 hp. Visual changes include a redesigned front fascia consisting of a carbon-fiber new spoiler sword and front splitter lip.

This can be fitted effortlessly to the stock bumper, while the side skirt diffusers aim to improve the car's aerodynamics and stability. At the rear, a new fascia is made of a carnon-fiber diffuser and added tunnel system that combine to improve downforce at the rear axle. A rear wing spoiler further aids aerodynamics at the back. Performance wise, DMC has switched the combined overhead throttle valves with 12 unique single intake throttle plates, one for each cylinder. DMC also added their own parts, such as the gasoline pumps and lines, pressure modulators and injection nozzles, as well as optimizing the ECU.

Finally, they added an electronic load pressure control system and completely new wiring. All this additional power is supported by a brand new titanium exhaust system, which is 90 percent lighter than the stock system (3.4 kg vs. 34 kg). Aventador owners seeking more exclusivity and speed can head to one of the DMC's global dealers, however for engine modifications it is advised to head to one of the company's facilities in Germany or Switzerland. Body components retail for 25,000 Euros, a brand new (unspecified) interior costs 10,000 Euros, and the titanium exhaust is priced at 5,500 Euros.

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