Lamborghini Aventador Recalled?

Although it hasn't been made offiical yet, it appears that Lamborghini has issued a recall for the Aventador.

Although we've heard no official report yet from Lamborghini, there's word that the Italian automaker has issued a recall for their latest model, the V12-powered Aventador. For now, we don't have any idea as to what the problem is, but there's only a handful of Aventadors on the road so far, so it's not at all difficult for Lamborghini to contact those customers. According to a post on the Luxury4Play forum, the recall is for all owners worldwide and that they need to contact their local dealers urgently.

Whatever the case may be, let's hope the issue doesn't involve something along the lines of the plague that struck the Ferrari 458 Italia. For many of those owners, their new 458 caught on fire due to a faulty adhesive used in the right rear wheel-arch that was prone to overheating. We'll have more details for you once they come in.

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