Lamborghini Aventador SV And Matching Speedboat On Sale For $2.2M

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Because why even own the land and the seas unless you can do it in style?

Rich people seem to have a thing for over the top toys that cost the same as a small country's entire gross domestic product but are as useless as they are cool. This is the story about one such toy, or toys to be exact because this package deal is for the sort of person who isn't satisfied by a single unit of anything, be it money or cars in the stable. This package deal includes a rare, fast, and expensive boat, a Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, and custom trailers to used to haul both.

Gordon Gecko would approve of the green shade of Verde Singh, which is coincidentally the same color that onlookers will turn when they see the SV badges painted on both the Lamborghini Aventador SV and its MTI G6 speedboat companion. This package is listed by the James Edition, an exclusive car, yacht, watch, jet, helicopter, and motorcycle dealer that touts itself as the world's largest luxury marketplace. The Lamborghini may think it's hot shit with a 740 horsepower V12 under the hood, and it is. However, its counterpart can claim an output of 1,350 horsepower on pump 91 octane fuel or 1,550 horsepower on 112 AKI race fuel when it's run through twin Mercury Racing engines.

That makes this beast good for a top speed of 180 mph, less than the Aventador SV's top speed of 217 mph but impressive when considering the engines have to push 52 feet of boat through water. Building the ship was no small feat, requiring a team to outfit the boat with carbon fiber accents, sea deck foam flooring, a $150,000 carbon fiber hull, a $25,000 sound system, $50,000 of authentic Lamborghini components including the steering wheel and switches that have been "marinized," and of course, a matching shade of Verde Singh green costing $80,000. To replicate the boat, you'd have to plunk down the eye-watering sum of $1,750,000, which brings us to the point where we crush your hopes and dreams.

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That's because getting ahold of the entire package, boat, Aventador SV, and the tilting tow trailer, you need to cut a check for $2,199,000. With a paycheck that size, it's no wonder that a family incident forced the previous Miami-based owner to have to "regrettably" sell off the duo. If this new age money isn't exactly your style, don't worry because there's another custom boat bearing Lamborghini badges that's better suited to those who enjoy more classical tastes.

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