Lamborghini Aventador SV Jota Crosses Paths With Our Spies Again

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This will be the Aventador's V-12 swansong.

Earlier this year, fans of the Raging Bull were looking forward to a special debut at the 2018 Geneva Auto Show. Many believed Lamborghini's aging Aventador would arrive in Switzerland in V-12-powered swansong spec, rumored to be called the Aventador SV Jota. Unfortunately, that debut never came to pass, though Lambo did arrive with the stunning Huracan Performante Spyder. That means the Jota is still in the wild-a perfect place for it to be caught by our spies.

This Lamborghini Aventador SV Jota may be wrapped in swirly camouflage, but it's hard for it to be inconspicuous with a large, fixed rear wing stuck to its back, two exhaust pipes coming out of the middle of its rear, and an Italian V-12 playing a 800-horsepower concerto. It's shown here as a coupe, though we fully expect it will arrive in both fixed- and removable-roof forms. If you don't know the Jota nomenclature, here's a primer: Back when Lamborghini was building the ever-so-sexy Miura, factory test driver Bob Wallace built a one-off, modified Miura test mule to conform to FIA's Appendix J regulations in 1970. Word got out to Lamborghini's customers. They wanted the modifications, too.

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At that point, a legend was born. Now Lamborghini is going back to its deep well of history to pull up a bucket full of nostalgia. Unfortunately, if you haven't already been contacted by Lamborghini asking if you'd like an Aventador SJV, you're likely out of luck as the Italian company has probably sold them all before they've even been built. Still, the car should arrive sometime this summer or fall for us to at least appreciate from a distance. Not a bad way to honor a legend, right?

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