Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Is Not As Powerful You Might Think

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Initial specifications show the SuperVeloce Jota does a lot with relatively small upgrades.

It's already crowing about its new 'Ring record, but it'll be another few weeks before Lamborghini lifts the veil off the new Aventador SVJ at Pebble Beach – and more importantly, drops all the stats. Fortunately, in the meantime, Top Gear has filled in some of the blanks.

The British publication (not the associated television show) got the rare opportunity to drive the still-camouflaged supercar at the Vallelunga circuit near Rome. And in reporting on it, TG has revealed some key figures. For starters, the new SuperVeloce Jota isn't as powerful as you might think. Sure, it's the most potent version of the Aventador to date – but not as powerful as, say, the Ferrari 812 Superfast.


According to Top Gear, the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine has been tuned to deliver 760 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque. That's 20 more horses and 22 more lb-ft than the last Aventador SV. But the real story is how it delivers that power and twist: the torque rises from just 2,500 rpm, and develops as much twist in the mid-range (4,750-7,500 rpm) than the old one did at peak.

It's still channeled to all four wheels through the same seven-speed, single-clutch sequential transmission – which is a bit of a shame, when a dual-clutch gearbox (like the one in the Huracan) shifts smoother. But the transmission shifts faster in the SVJ.

It also offers more downforce than the old SuperVeloce without increasing drag. 40 percent more downforce, with one percent less drag – all thanks to the ALA active aerodynamics system that now works at both ends to keep the nose (not just the tail) planted through the corners. Where the SV's aero split was 20:80 front to rear, the SVJ's is closer to 40:60 to match the 43:57 weight distribution.

The four-wheel steering system and stiffer suspension also do their part, of course. But the sum total, according to TG, is a much better resolved overall package that inspires more confidence – and one that can lap the Nordschleife faster than any other production road car in history. Read the full account for more.


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