Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae V12 Used To Create A Spotify Playlist

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In the case of the Aventador, its engine really is music to our ears.

This is arguably one of the stranger things done to an engine. Lamborghini placed its Aventador Ultimae in a sound booth, then used the engine's more musical qualities to form the basis for a Spotify playlist.

We've linked the playlist at the very bottom of the article for your listening pleasure. Or maybe not. We're writers, not the music police. Three 24-track playlists will be made, each built around a Lamborghini engine. Lambo started with its beloved V12 and will eventually move on to the Huracan's V10 and the Urus' twin-turbo V8.

Lambo is calling these playlists Engine Songs, which were curated by music producer Alex Trecarichi in collaboration with Lamborghini's sound engineers.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

Lamborghini says each playlist will "juxtapose the sound of the emotive and unleashed engine with songs tuned scientifically to its roar and vibrations."

Trecarichi chose the tracks using math. Specifically, the formulas of the Fourier Transform. The brain uses this mathematical function to break down a sound into subcomponents. Trecarichi says he reproduced our brain's ability to do this in the studio with AI.

"This procedure enabled me to find the basic frequencies of the engine coinciding with the three precise phases of its expressiveness: ignition (idling), the 4,000 rpm speed, and at maximum power," said Trecarichi.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

Lamborghini and Trecarichi transposed the Ultimae's V12 into different musical notes. For example, the V12 "sings" in F-sharp at 92.5 Hz at its lowest revs. That's the same key as one of the songs on the playlist - Canone Infinito by Lorenzo Senni. At 4,000 rpm, the motor hits a G, the same as Run Away by Ben Bohmer. At full tilt, the V12 hits a G-sharp, the same key as another song, Sam Collins' We Can All Dance.

We've given the V12 soundtrack a listen, and as long as you enjoy some electronic music, it's not all that bad. There are some good tracks on there.

Obviously, in isolation, the playlist, well, sounds like any other playlist. Evidently, you need a six-figure V12-powered supercar to properly experience the V12's soundtrack.

Lamborghini Lamborghini
Source Credits: The Engine Songs: V12

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