Lamborghini Aventador V12 Successor Spied With Wild Exhaust

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The new Aventador successor is taking shape.

Lamborghini has been spotting testing the successor to the Aventador in Italy.

In the video below, Italian car spotter Varryx has spied two prototypes leaving Lamborghini's factory, with one sporting a strange exhaust attachment. Both prototypes are reportedly production-ready, hence the heavy camo.

Both have large sheets over the majority of the bodywork, though we can see from the stickers at the rear that the car is indeed a hybrid, as we've known for some time. One of the cars is sporting what appears to be a production exhaust, while the other has some strange attachments.

Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube

As with the majority of next-gen Aventador prototypes we've seen, the exhaust on both exits from high up on the body, though this one appears to be four pipes coming together into two, then exiting out the back of the car. Apparently, these pipes are for emissions testing.

Presumably, these measure the particles coming out of the exhaust so that Lamborghini can present the data to various emissions agencies to finalize the car before production. Lamborghini can't sell a vehicle without emissions compliance, which is one of the main reasons the Aventador replacement has to be hybridized.

Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube

Reports indicate a naturally aspirated V12 engine will still power the Aventador replacement. We know about the hybrid tech, and it appears Lamborghini has gone with a small electric motor paired with an equally tiny battery pack.

We imagine this will net some electric-only range, as many of its rivals already have. It's also reported that Lamborghini will have a new dual-clutch transmission ready for the Aventador replacement, which should totally transform the car.

The old car was known for its clunky, relatively slow single-clutch gearbox, though some have argued that's "part of the experience." We imagine the same will be said of this car's hybrid powertrain when it debuts in early 2023.

Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube

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