Lamborghini Aventador Wails in Wales

Jethro Bovingdon puts on his C/D hat and takest the newest Lamborghini to the British countryside.

With a whopping 700 metric horsepower on tap, there's really only one word you can use to describe the Lamborghini Aventador: Epic. So to put it to the test, Car and Driver undertook an epic journey. For the task it turned to its European correspondent Jethro Bovindgon, better known for his work at Evo magazine. The auto scribe picked up a bright "arancia" Aventador LP700-4 in the center of London, (presumably) paid the congestion charge and headed out to Wales for a proper romp amongst the sheep and twisty switch-back country roads.

The clip is a good nine minutes long, but it's worth a watch if for no other reason then for the sight of the day-glow Lambo piercing the mist of the Welsh countryside. Scope it out in the video below.

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