Lamborghini Aventador Wrecked in Taiwan

Carbon fiber and trees don't mix.

It's always painful to see someones car destroyed, especially when said car is an exotic that most of us can only dream of. The internet is full of these, and the latest is coming out of Taiwan, where a black Aventador slammed into a tree, doing some serious damage to the front end. The incident took place in Changhua City, where it seems a small group of Lamborghinis were out for a drive. In the group was a red Gallardo and a beautiful yellow Aventador roadster, as well as the black Aventador involved in the accident.

It is unclear what caused the accident, but a motorcycle can be seen lying in the middle of the road, so chances are high it was involved. The crowd also looks very young. We aren't sure who the owner is, but if it was one of them well...OK we are a little jealous. An Italian exotic sure beats Taiwan's more popular mode of transportation; the moped.

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