Lamborghini Aventador's Hybrid V12 Successor Teased For The First Time

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Somebody snapped an image from Lamborghini Magazine showing the first official images of the new supercar.

Lamborghini revealed two new one-off supercars yesterday as the last naturally aspirated V12 supercars to hail from the Italian supercar maker.

In the release, Lamborghini stipulated that there were "just a few weeks to go before Lamborghini's first hybrid super sports car makes its debut," but it seems we may now have our first official look at the hybrid supercar. An image posted on the Lamborghini Talk forum allegedly comes from within the pages of Lamborghini Magazine. It doesn't give away much but clearly shows a hexagonal exhaust outlet in line with LED taillights.

The design of the exhaust outlet is clearly the same as we've seen in numerous prototypes in development, with the final design correlated by leaked patent documentation a few short weeks ago.

"From now on, everything must change while staying true to our DNA," reads the caption, which can be interpreted in several ways.

Lamborghini Magazine
Lamborghini Magazine

On the one hand, it could be an allusion to the fact that Lamborghini will continue to use a naturally aspirated V12 engine, although this time around, it will rely on a hybrid system. But the brand's dedication to the V12 when others would rather downsize to turbocharged V8s is admirable and adheres to the company's traditions. After all, only two V12 designs have been used in the company's history.

Alternatively, the caption could refer to Lamborghini's design language, which is incredibly distinctive, even if not always appreciated. Judging by the work completed by Mitja Borkert and the team at Lamborghini Centro Stile on the Invencible and Autentica, the company knows how to pen a supercar that instantly attracts attention. Demand is already sky-high for the new supercar, with more than three thousand pre-orders in place.


Of course, the 'everything must change' bit of the caption refers to the aforementioned hybridization, which will see the successor to the Lamborghini Aventador not just be kinder to the environment, but deliver more power and performance than ever before.

While none of the rumors doing the rounds appear to reach any consensus, we're confident the new car - possibly called the Revuelto - will have more than 800 horsepower. That's based on the fact that the Countach LPI-800 makes do with that much despite using supercapacitors rather than genuine hybridization. Some rumors even suggest the new supercar will breach the 1,000-hp mark.

We know the hybrid V12 will have a dedicated all-electric mode, as CarBuzz discovered the sound file for the car's external pedestrian warning system recently, and that the engine will feed power through a dual-clutch automatic gearbox to an all-wheel drive system.

Whatever the final figures are, we don't have to wait too long for its secrets to be revealed, as the covers are expected to be lifted on March 29.


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