Lamborghini Brings A Bunch Of One-Off Customer Cars To Pebble Beach

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Turns out rich people love to customize their cars. No crap.

Lamborghini has learned something very important from the likes of Ferrari and other uber luxury brands: rich customers love to bespoke the shit out of their cars. The Italian supercar company, not long ago, began its Ad Personam bespoke program that, in Lamborghini's own words, "allows customers to choose from an infinite combination of colors and materials, providing the opportunity to create vehicles with truly unique characteristics."


So it made complete sense for Lamborghini to bring some of these customer cars to Pebble Beach, the place where even more rich people come to hang out, discuss various tax evasion techniques, and get jealous of what other rich people have and they don't. There was an Aventador S painted in vibrant orange with visible carbon fiber on the roof and full carbon fiber on the lower portions, while its interior was decked out in Nero Ad leather and Alcantara, complete with matching orange stitching. The Huracan Performante's owner requested Verde Hydra exterior paint (meaning green) with Narvi bronze wheels and bronze gloss livery on the front bumper.

There's also a Huracan Spyder in stunning silver with gloss black Giano wheels and Nero Ade leather with brown Terra Emilia contrast color and Grigio Chronus stitching. Obviously these are just a few examples, but Lamborghini will literally create any color combo necessary to satisfy its customers.

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