Lamborghini Builds 2,000th Aventador

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Milestone Aventador arrives after just two years of production and goes to an American telecom exec.

We knew Lamborghinis were fast, but apparently we can now start saying the same of the company that builds them as the 2,000th Aventador has roared to life off the assembly line. The milestone came just over two years after production began, which is roughly the same pace as the company set with the launch of the more prolific Gallardo, but significantly faster than the preceding Murcielago, which took around five years to hit that same target.At that rate, Lamborghini is completing nearly five Aventadors every day.

That still doesn't come close to more mass-market automakers and their products, but is a significant pace at this market position. Aventador #2000, painted in Nero Nemesis (Lambo-speak for black), goes to American buyer Thaddeus Arroyo, chief intelligence officer for AT&T. Arroyo already owns a Gallardo LP550-2 Spyder, but was so impressed with the Aventador after driving it in Palm Beach that he immediately placed his order.Good thing he did, too, because Aventador production – including the new Roadster that's just gearing up – is sold out for more than a year ahead.

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