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Lamborghini Celebrates 50 Years Of The Espada And Islero

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V12s, manual transmissions, and stunning looks. Both are cooler than ever.

There was a time when Lamborghini built more than mid-engined, all-wheel-drive supercars. In fact, the very first Lamborghini was a front engined, V12 grand tourer, a bodystyle and engine setup that continued with both the Espada and Islero. Lamborghini's in house specialist division, Polo Storico, is celebrating 50 years since the launch of these two classics on its stand at the Techno Classica 2018 in Essen, Germany.

Lamborghini says one of the two cars on the stand is a Series III Espada, built in 1976—part of the car's 10-year production run beginning in 1968. Only 1,300 examples were built during that time, with the Series III manufactured from 1972 till the end. In fact, the Espada is the second-best selling model among Lamborghini classic cars. The example on display is undergoing a complete restoration and sports a gorgeous blue exterior and mustard interior. The Lamborghini-owned unit will be completed in May of this year and go on display at the official Lamborghini Museum. Lamborghini adds the 10-month restoration includes complete overhauls of the chassis, body, electrical system and mechanics.

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The end result will be an Espada brought back to its original factory condition. As for the Islero, it was actually quite a rare model, with only 200 examples built from 1968 until 1970. It was the successor to the 400 GT, powered by the same 4.0-liter V12 with 320 hp. The Islero on display, a 1969 model, is actually an Islero S, of which just 70 examples were made. It has an additional 30 horsepower and features a Pallid Green exterior with a Tobacco interior. In addition to restoring classic Lamborghinis, Polo Storico has also been working on a spare parts inventory for these cars as well as reproducing original manuals.

Two rare Espada and one Islero S owner manuals will also be displayed in Essen as part of the cars' 50th anniversary celebrations. Now that Lamborghini has finally launched its second SUV ever, the Urus, it can focus its time and energy on developing the Aventador successor, and maybe, just maybe, a new front-engined grand tourer in the spirit of the two classics here.