Lamborghini Celebrates Production of 12,000th Gallardo

After almost ten years in production the Gallardo remains a firm favorite with supercar lovers.

When compared to the likes of mainstream models such as the Ford Mustang (with over 73,000 models sold just last year) and the Chevy Camaro (over 81,000 sold in the same period) hitting 12,000 units sold doesn't warrant a celebration. In the supercar world, however, this is a milestone achievement and testament to the Gallardo's allure, which is just as desirable today as when it was launched back in 2003.

The variety of models on offer doubtless helped the supercar reach this milestone, ranging from the purists LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni edition where 542hp is sent to the rear wheels only, to the slightly less insane AWD LP 560-4, available in both coupe and roadster format. Then there's the lighter and more powerful 562hp Superleggera for those that want maximum performance. With no significant changes in a decade, it shouldn't be too long for a Gallardo replacement to come along and when it does Lamborghini will be hoping its longevity will be just as impressive.

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