Lamborghini CEO Admits Naturally Aspirated Engines Aren't the Future

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Does this mean Lamborghini will give up the V12 one day?

Times are changing, for better or worse. In terms of engine technologies, automakers are innovating like they never have before. That's because they're being forced to by global emissions regulations. For mainstream carmakers, this really isn't so much of a problem. They have the money and motivation. But it's not as easy for supercar brands. Ferrari, as we know, will soon be heading down the turbocharging road instead of naturally aspirated engines. Even the LaFerrari is a hybrid. But what about Lamborghini?

Well, it too is fully aware changes are coming. In a recent interview with Top Gear, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann acknowledged that "down the road, we see turbocharging, we see plug-in hybrids. There is no way out – assuming the legislation doesn't change. But even if we might be granted an exemption as a small manufacturer, there is also the issue of social acceptance. Things are changing. People are more aware, more sensitive…there are perception issues, like it or not, and when you are perceived as an outlaw, you no longer fit into the big picture. So we need to adjust, while remaining consistent to the brand." Perhaps the first sign of this adjustment was the Asterion from Paris last September.

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