Lamborghini CEO Confirms SUV Is In The Works

If Lamborghini adds a third model, it will be an SUV.

It feels like forever ago that the Lamborghini Urus took the 2012 Beijing Motor Show by storm. Since its debut Lamborghini has teeter-tottered on whether or not its SUV would see production. In an interview with Autoblog, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann confirmed that the SUV idea isn’t totally dead. "We are working on it, but there is no decision taken." So, Lamborghini can’t commit to building a supercar for soccer moms but won’t let the idea go, either.

However, Winkelmann's other comments suggest the Urus’ chances of survival could be higher than they seem. "If we do a third model, then it's better to have the SUV as this is a growing segment, a more emotional segment, a segment which is very well-distributed in terms of volume all over the planet. And therefore this is a car which is more likely." According to Winkelmann, an SUV would be the ideal platform to try hybridization. Those are some pretty strong words that show Lamborghini’s CEO is keeping up with the times. SUVs are incredibly hot right now, as are hybrids.

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