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Lamborghini CEO Indicates Estoque Will Make Production

Ever since the four-door Lamborghini Estoque debuted in concept form at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, rumors have been running rampant about a possible production version. And while Lamborghini has been mostly silent on the subject, new information has now come to light. Lamborghini CEO Stefan Winkelmann told Britain's Autocar the Estoque "had a more enthusiastic response than we expected."

He added that "it was the right time to see if the brand could go outside of supercars...people are still emailing me about the Estoque." Although we reported not long ago the automaker was looking into building a spiritual successor to the LM002 SUV sometime in the near future, Winkelmann also stated that he's not particularly in favor of this and prefers to do a four-door sedan instead. According to Winkelmann: "There are more opportunities in the segment of four-doors. If we are going to offer a third model, it could be a first car, bringing people to our brand."

No other specifics have been given, but this statement makes sense, especially for the Asian and Russian markets, where luxury sedans sell very well. Possible engines could be the new Lamborghini V12 or even a version of the upcoming Audio/Bentley 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8. Without a doubt, the sedan would be all-wheel drive and will hopefully keep the concept's striking design intact.

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