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Lamborghini Changed Naming Scheme To Make Our Lives Easier

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Or will it? Time will tell.

The first thing we noticed about the newly revealed Lamborghini Huracan Evo was its name. Notice anything missing? We did. Try the LPXXX-X moniker. Yep. It's gone, and this was certainly no mistake. Motor Trend was told by the carmaker that switching to actual names instead of that older naming scheme is being done to make it easier for consumers to understand.

We have to admit that often times the LPXXX-X pattern did get confusing, although it's quite simple to break down: L and P stand for longitudinal posterior in regards to the engine's orientation. In the case of the Huracan Evo's immediate predecessor, the Huracan LP610-4, 610 represents the supercar's output (in Italy's preferred unit, cavallinos) and 4 simply means the number of driven wheels.

Given that, the rear-wheel-drive Huracan was previously called LP580-2. Make sense? It does, but it's not the best when it comes to branding. There are also some downsides to dropping the LP moniker for names, such as securing global intellectual property rights and translations. Does 'Evo' even translate into, say, Chinese? If not, should Lamborghini still use the name or come up with something better suited for the Chinese market?

Motor Trend also inquired as to whether how Evo will be used in regards for the updated Huracan Performante. For example, will Lamborghini choose Huracan Evo Performante or Huracan Performante Evo? Lamborghini has yet to make a final decision but it's currently under discussion.

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If we had to make the decision, we'd opt for the former. It just has a better flow, in our opinion. The naming scheme isn't just limited to the Huracan, obviously. Just look at the also recently revealed Aventador SVJ and the Urus. While the previous LPXXX-X made sense to enthusiasts, it didn't work very well for general consumers. Lamborghini's decision to increase production to meet growing demand also requires other changes, for better or worse.