Lamborghini Chief Rejects Hybrids: 'None for Us'

And no turbos either, thank you very much.

Lamborghini boss Stefan Winkelmann doesn't likethe idea of a future hybrid Lambo. Nor does he think they should be electric, battery-powered or turbocharged. Speaking to Car Advice in Geneva, he basically put down all of these current technologies,and many competitors who are making them – like Porsche with the 918Spyder. “This game is not, let’s say, fulfillable at the time being. Andtherefore I’m saying as long as it’s possible – in terms of technology – we’llkeep the DNA.”.

Winkelmann says that hybrid hypercars cannot besustained for the long term, and are basically just test dummies for the brandsmaking them. As part of the Volkswagen Group, he isn't even interested in theexisting technologies available within the family: “In the Group, there is theaccess. But even the technology outside the group is not possible to achieve –so if I just wanted to put a flag to say ‘this is what we did’, we would havedone it,” he said. Winkelmann, therefore, is looking to lose weight andincrease naturally-aspirated power, naming the Sesto Elemento as a perfectexample.

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