Lamborghini Chief Says Huracan Will Be Brand's All-Time Best-Seller

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At least until the 2017 Urus SUV comes along.

It has some mighty big shoes to fill, but according to Lamborghini boss Stefan Winkelman, the Huracan has every chance of surpassing the Gallardo as the carmaker's best-selling model of all time. Speaking with CarAdvice, the Lamborghini president and CEO said: "We have got a good start in terms of order intake – I think it can be the best-seller ever in the history of Lamborghini, this car. For sure next year our target is to beat the best year of the Gallardo which was in 2008 with 1844 cars."

In total, Lamborghini built 14,022 Gallardos, and in 2013 sold 2121 cars worldwide. For now, then, the Italian brand is maintaining its exclusivity. But there may come a time when it may say "now we have done too much." The production variant of the Urus SUV is tipped to arrive in 2017 and while sales will doubtless boost volume, Winkelman was quick to assert that it would not make the marque too visible. "The image of the brand is improving, increasing. We have a larger customer base. So it's logic that there is a higher demand. But we will always sell less than demand – this is one of the things, we put ourselves at the limit," he assured.

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