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Lamborghini Claims One Thousand Huracan Orders in Two Months


While it won’t be around for as long, Lamborghini has every confidence the Huracan will outsell the Gallardo.

To say the Huracan has been well-received would be a colossal understatement. Having racked up 700 orders in its first month of VIP viewings, Lamborghini boss Stefan Winkelman admitted the all-new supercar has every chance of being the brand’s best-selling model of all time. Speaking with Top Gear, the Lamborghini chief further revealed over a thousand orders for the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 have now been taken.

This is more than expected and very positive...I think that we can do more with the Huracan than we did with the Gallardo." Over 14,000 units of the Gallardo was sold during its ten-year lifespan, but Winkelman doesn’t think the Huracan will last that long. "With the knowledge of how things are now evolving [in the industry] it's not going to last ten years - it's impossible. The Gallardo was the first car for decades in its segment, so we had to establish trust, evaluate and test things with that car. But to repeat it would be a miracle." There will be lots of variations, however, with roadsters and lightweight editions penciled in for what will be a very promising future.

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