Lamborghini Confirms Aventador Successor Will Still Feature V12


Unlike Ferrari's future V12s, this one won't be mated to a hybrid drivetrain.

We were a bit sad to learn that the Volkswagen Group's announcement of the reasonably priced Audi R8 Spyder meant that sales of the drop-top Lamborghini Huracan could be in jeopardy. Not only is the R8 based off of the same platform, but its performance and new looks offer a serious argument against buying the Huracan for those on the fence about a Lambo because of the price. Fortunately, Lamborghini boss Stefano Domenicali told Car Advice that the brand has a secret weapon up its sleeve.


Its only task would be to differentiate future Lambos from the rest of the VW group's offerings. That secret weapon is no nuke, but it may be as rare as a plutonium-grade weapon in the future thanks to fuel economy regulations. No more beating around the bush, the armory Domenicali is talking about is the V12 engine. Automakers once thought too stubborn to turn to turbochargers (looking at you Ferrari) have begun either axing these motors or supplementing them with turbochargers and hybrid systems. Lamborghini may use the same tactic as its competitors, but only out of necessity as in the case of the Urus SUV. For the rest of the lineup, displacement will rule.

"I think that the V12 is still alive, to be extended, because it is such an important part of our tradition and heritage. The future of the V12 is still important," Domenicali said. Sure, that plan of action is not sustainable in the long term (although it's lifespan may be extended by president Trump's deregulation of the auto industry), but the company's more immediate future looks good for the V12. "Emissions are important of course, and our goal is always to improve the efficiency of the engine, but with our numbers we don't see realistic issues in the short term," added Domenicali. Technology like the Aventador's cylinder deactivation feature have something to do with preserving the power plant.

However the main reason behind the decision is that the Bull wants to set itself apart from the rest of the Volkswagen lineup (not that anyone will ever mistake it for a Golf or a Chiron). The takeaway from this is that you shouldn't feel bad if your startup or lottery addiction hasn't yielded an Aventador-sized check just yet because there's still time to cash in on both the V12 fury and the Aventador craze. "The Aventador has more than five or six more years to run and the next platform also has a V12 at the center of the project," says Domenicali. "There is still space for us to extend the life of this iconic car for us," he said. "We know that one element we can't ignore is the speed with which we are on the market with the right product.

This is the right answer for the future of the Aventador." Sleep tight without fear that the V12 will leave the company anytime soon. You'll need the rest if you want to work for an Aventador.

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