Lamborghini Teases Huracan Sterrato Offroader For The First Time

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It's the second Huracan-based model for 2022.

Shortly after the launch of the Huracan Tecnica, we met up with Rouven Mohr, Lamborghini's chief technical officer, at the stunning Lamborghini Lounge in New York.

Mohr confirmed that the Tecnica was the first of two new Huracan models scheduled for 2022. We asked whether the Sterrato was the second, and we received nothing but a subtle smile in return. The Sterrato hasn't really been a secret since the concept version was shown in 2019, but now we have our first official teaser, thanks to a video on Lamborghini's official YouTube channel.

Lamborghini tells us to "stay tuned," but we just want to know when the off-road Huracan is coming, and we couldn't be more stoked for it.


Does the world need an off-road supercar? Heck, yes, it does. Lamborghini is not the first, however. Ariel was arguably the first to get there with the Nomad, and even Morgan got in on the action. Porsche's history in off-roading predates the Cayenne, and it also happens to be working on an all-new Safari 911.

Like Mohr said in our interview, Lamborghini has more room to play around because it's not nailed down to a specific heritage. This is the same company that gave the world the Rambo Lambo way before super SUVs became a thing.

Lamborghini is known for being a bit zany, so if anyone can get away with building a mid-engined supercar for doing skids on a gravel road, it's the supercar company that started off building tractors.

The Sterrato first surfaced in 2019, but it eventually got lost in a slew of new models.

Now it's returning, and a few things are pretty clear from the teaser. It will use the Huracan's famous 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V10, most likely coupled with the famous all-wheel-drive system. This is one car where you want the additional weight of a 4WD system. Otherwise, the result will be first, second, third, death.

Obviously, it needs a substantial lift compared to standard Huracan. The car in the video appears to have more ground clearance than the 0.3-inch lift, but the 20-inch alloys with off-road rubber have been carried over. Thankfully, the LED bumper lights have also been kept while the roof-mounted LED bar has been ditched.

Lamborghini did not provide an official release date, but we expect the official launch to happen soon.


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