Lamborghini Considering Successor To The Legendary Miura

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Please make this happen, Lamborghini.

It's a pivotal time for Lamborghini right now. The Italian manufacturer is gearing up to reveal the Urus later this year, Lamborghini's first SUV since the long-forgotten LM-002, and is doubling its production capacity to meet its ambitious sales targets. While the idea of a Lamborghini SUV sounds blasphemous, the Urus will play a major role in helping the automaker sell over 7,000 cars by 2019. Speaking to Automotive News, CEO Stefano Domenicali reaffirmed that customer deliveries of the Urus will start in mid-2018.

Domenicali used to be the head of Ferrari's F1 team, and is using this experience to increase production rates. "When the flag falls you have to start racing. The same is true for car production. Delays are not accepted anymore," he said. With prices starting at around $223,000, Domenicali expects to sell 4,000 units of the SUV every year – that's a huge hike from the 3,457 supercars that Lamborghini sold last year. If Lamborghini achieves its target of selling 7,000 cars by 2019, annual sales will have effectively doubled, bringing its volume closer to Ferrari which sold 8,014 supercars in 2016.

Beyond the Urus, Domenicali said that Lamborghini is "already thinking about" producing a four-seater sports car, but it won't arrive until "the 2025 to 2030 horizon." After previously hinting about making another new model inspired by a classic, Domenicali also expressed a desire to make a modern interpretation of the legendary Miura, arguably one of the most stunning supercars of all time. But before you get too excited, it won't be coming in the next five years. For Lamborghini, the ultimate goal is to change people's perception of the brand. "We used to be very polarizing. People loved us or hated us," he said. "Now we are trying to be more cool, younger, but as always, different."

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